1. If I give you an advice, it doesn’t mean I know more than you, however, It simply means I have done more stupid shit than you.

2. When you are angry, just take a long breath and count from one to ten. But make sure to throw your punch at eight for nobody was expecting it.

3. If anyone calls you ugly just turn back and say “sorry I am not a mirror”

4. I don’t really believe in ghosts during the day, however, I decided to be more open-minded at night.

5. Do not give up on your dreams just keep sleeping.

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6. Your good friend will visit you in jail; however, your great friend will bail you out of jail but please be reminded by the kindness of your best friend who sits with you inside the jail.

7. When you feel like you want to give up, just remember all that ugly faces that will laugh at you and still looks ugly.

8. When life drags you down just reverse your position and enjoy the star gazing.

9. Practice makes anyone perfect but remembers that no one is perfect so why bothering to practice.

10. When life shuts a door just pass through the window because at the end it doesn’t matter where you pass through but how you have overcome the door.
11. Smile while your teeth are complete.

12. Try harder today because when you get old you could no longer do things in a harder way.

13. I may be a bad influence and you are my best learner.











14. Sarcasm is my talent of insulting idiots without them realizing it.

15. When all is messes do not close your eyes for sure you cannot see a better way.

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